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Things have been so busy around here lately that I haven't found time to update this blog. I put too much on my plate this year and just couldn't function any longer, I started to give up. I had a deadline to catch up. My brother-in-law came to visit us (more on that later). The kids got sick (nothing new here, carry on). We had a road trip and tons of new experiences. But wonder no longer, I am here once again.

If for some reason I go MIA again, feel free to let me know. You can email me or throw virtual tomatoes at me. Whichever works for you! But just to let you know, I am always on Instagram, you can find me there.

We're down to half the year now, so here's a quick recap of my 2015. Walk down memory lane with me for a second, will ya?
Find out how I ended my 2014 or if I began my 2015 right.
What I learned so far on being a stay at home mama for almost 3 year to 2 little boys.
Also, that there is always beauty in the mundane, I just don't see it all the time.
And if you know me well, I constantly need a lot of reset week to keep me in check. Based on my previous posts, I could use one right now. 
I have a lot of good stuff coming up real soon! I promise you, I'll get right to it. We're rebranding, organizing our very first giveaway, and a ton of other glorious stuff ahead. So stay tuned!

On a completely random note, this post wouldn't be complete without super cute photos of my boys.

Hope you're having a much better luck at life than I am. Here's to us!

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