More indoor toddler mess for you to make and clean

Good morning, Friday! I'm happy weekends come sooner than I expected. Although, in a toddler's life, weekends do not mean sleeping in. Nevertheless, I am still thankful for weekends. We get a different routine than boring old weekdays, mostly because hubby is home for weekends (unless he has overtime like today). But I'm still going to keep my happy mood, just because I can.

It's been raining like cats and dogs around here lately. It even flooded a little in our basement the other day. But I'm not complaining cuz we've been having a busy Summer. It's been a good-kinda-busy Summer. After being out and about for a few weeks or so, I wanted to just stay home and recuperate. But I have very active boys, so I make sure we have an activity at home.

I hope this gives you ideas to keep your toddlers busy. Here are some indoor activities we've been doing:

 Painting is our go-to activity when I'm out of ideas for them to do. They like making a mess. Finger-painting and painting with cars (or other toys) makes it more interesting. Of course, we only use easy-to-clean toys.

Hiro doesn't put things in his mouth so much, unlike Kuya Zaki at that age before (sometimes, even up until now). I don't worry about paint or play dough.

I bought the finger-paint from Michaels. It's super easy to clean out. It doesn't stain their clothes and washes out easily on fabric.

I post up Zaki's paintings in our room. I use a washi tape to put it on an empty wall. And he likes to just look at them. We have this question and answer kinda conversation at the end of the day. While we're lying in bed, I like to ask him about his day. I would ask him what he did and what he liked about today. It exercises his memory and practices his speech development at the same time. Also, I like it because I get to know him better. 

This is transparent contact paper that I taped on our wall. I cut up some straws and tissue paper and let them have the time of their lives. You can add pompoms and anything else light that'll stick.

Basically, they mostly made a mess. But I showed them how to form shapes and write their names.

This is Sands Alive. I noticed Zaki's imagination is big. He loves building blocks and playing pretend. He loves to create with play dough or with any random toy really. We saw this from Chapters last month and he really loved it.  

Note: This is not a sponsored post. We just really like them that I wanted to share it with you. So there you have it, guys, more indoor toddler mess for you to make and clean!

You're welcome!

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