In the middle of the year

Yes, It's July! It's that time of year where we pep-talk ourselves half way into the year. I know what it sounds like. This is just another post about the middle of the year where we reflect on our resolutions.  And how we need to analyze ourselves and find better solutions to achieve our goals.

But I'm sorry, you guys, not today.

Today, I'm going to celebrate the middle of year. Six months down, and six months to go. I'm not complaining about how time flies fast. In fact, I wish it would go faster. This year has been so terrible, I can't wait to see it go sooner. I know, I know. Embrace the moment. Yadee yada yada. I sound like an ungrateful hag. But trust me, this is me in the most sane way trying to keep it together.

Despite my bitterness, I am thankful that this year sucks. Because I probably would have even more terrible years ahead of me. And I'd think differently of my 2015. I might as well take this year as a just-fine year. There will always be more terrible days than today. And maybe even more better days than my better days.

But because today sucks, and tomorrow might suck even worst...

Because these are the "good old days" where I'd look back one day and think hey, it wasn't so bad. What was I thinking? And we'll all move on. But again, I'll save that for one day.  For now, I'll just ninja my way around washing bums, whining toddlers and endless chores. Inhale, exhale. And repeat.

Cheers to half a year!

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