To all the dads, we celebrate you.

I know this is a little late. But have I ever mentioned how amazing of a father my husband is to our two boys?

I have two sisters. Our house consisted of my mom, my sisters and only had one man, my father. Whenever something broke, "daddy, can you fix it?" Whenever we needed something, "daddy, can you buy it?" When I got married, I apparently didn't notice that my attitude towards my dad was showing towards my husband. "Love, can you fix it?" And our two boys have picked it up from me. "Dada, fix it!" Of course, I would do my best to raise our boys to fix things themselves. But it seems that I am forever reliant to the men in my life. I can't explain how blessed I am by the men in my life.

My husband would come home from work just to work again. He'd have dinner then take care of our boys the rest of the night. He would feed them, give them a bath and put them to bed.

Just incase you're wondering, they're reading a book about a monkey throwing a tantrum that needs to calm down. Which explains why Zaki's face is imitating the monkey's cries. 

And his love for our children makes him even more attractive. Don't you think so?

To all the dads in the world, we celebrate you. Happy Fathers Day!