100% box fans

My family is a big fan of boxes. My husband and I love boxes. We used to go to ikea a lot just to look at their boxes. I reuse a lot of boxes for organizing things. We just love organizing things. We're a family who likes being organized (okay, so maybe we're a little OCD). You can give a gift to our boys, and rest assured that the box that came with the toy is more played with than the actual toy. (You might as well just get them boxes!) Just kidding, please don't do that. We actually have too much of them now.

I have this huge box that was a parcel all the way from Hong Kong. My parents sent Christmas gifts to us on 2013. I kept that cardboard box. And surprise surprise, we are still using that same box today. That box has been so useful, I can't imagine not having it around.

I usually take the box out on rainy or snowy days. When the kids need to spend their energy on something but aren't able to play outside, we use it as a ball pit.

We also use it as a "hide out" from villains. When the bad guys are looking for us, we just hide in that box and we're all safe.

But mostly, we like to scribble on it with our crayons and stick stickers all over that box. I just have to say it is well loved. Best of all, when we're all done with it, I just fold it away. Easy as pie. It fits in our closet, under our bed, and behind shelves.

There are a million benefits from playing with simple boxes. Here is a list of benefits from playing with boxes:

  • They get to use their imagination.
  • They get to make "art" with crayons and stickers.
  • They learn spacial awareness.
  • They get to experience a life-size sensory bin.
  • I get to read a book in peace. (Okay, so that benefit is actually for me.)

We even put a box inside that box, because Zaki said it's his room inside that box. I bet these two can totally live in that box. I might as well ship them to their Mamita all the way to Hong Kong. 

I'm just kidding, you know I love these two! Wouldn't you just love boxes too, if you could keep these two in them all day? 

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