Beauty in the mundane

Seeing beauty in the not-so-beautiful days (or year) that I've been having is a challenge. Most days I just want to succumb to the fact that I have failed at life miserably. I have atleast a hundred photos of the mundane and yet I fail to see the beauty in it. Let me show you a few of these photos and tell me what you see. 

I am so blessed in so many ways and yet I always find something to complain about. My husband must have developed some kind of selective-hearing skill to be able to put up with me. My children have probably picked up my terribly anger management. Because I am failing at my only job at the moment - motherhood. In between wiping bums and nursing babes, I seem to have lost a terrible amount of self-confidence. I laugh so much for someone so melancholy.

I think I need glasses to be able to see the beauty in the mundane. It's a skill I just have to learn to be able to get through this year. This mama needs some love. 

(Photos by Abotz)

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