To the young families in the ministry

I'm getting straight to the point today. We're getting spread too thin around here. We've taken on some big responsibilities this year and quite a lot of changes. We're juggling what seems to be a hundred things at once. We've started hogging time from each other for ourselves just because we can never have enough time. Don't get me wrong, we love what we're doing. It's our passion. We love our family. We love our church. We love each other. And most definitely, we love God. But somewhere between all the studying, the working, the demands from church and watching two toddlers, we're tired. Yes, we're so very tired.

And I'm going to be (brutally) honest, doing ministry is hard and doing ministry with young children in our family is even harder. Somedays, we question ourselves. But our heart is set on serving the Lord, we just can't figure out how to make it all work. Which makes me wonder, are we the only ones who find this a struggle? I'd like to believe all young families who love the Lord go through this.

So, to the parents who already has less sleep than anyone that normally does and yet makes it to church every Sunday;
to the mom who struggles with watching her toddlers just so she could worship/listen to the sermon;
to the parents that are so desperate to serve, so they bring their kids along each event the church has knowing they will only slow them down;
to the one who struggles with finding time for yourself yet you manage to scrape up a few minutes to pray/read your bible;
to the young families in the ministry, I am praying for your tonight.

Find comfort tonight in our Lord and know this;

"He gives strength to the weary, and increases the power of the weak." - Isaiah 40:29

Yes, I'm praying for you, mamas & dadas. God will give us the strength and power. You will find peace today!

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