Big Hiro Birthday Bash

We are such big fans of Big Hero 6. And we have a little boy whose name is Hiro that looks so much like Baymax. Coincidence? I think not. We just had to have a Big Hero 6 birthday party. And it was a blast! We made his first birthday and dedication on the same day because we are shamelessly frugal parents.

With what little skills I have of photoshop, I was proud of what I came up with. I googled the "Big Hero 6" font and used it for our invitation. Also, the Baymax in the corner was a good call.

I am actually quite disappointed at myself because I didn't put my best effort into this party. I have gone all out with Zaki's first two birthday parties, but this time, I was repressing my creativity. I thought I made such a big fuss with Zaki's first birthday that I didn't want to make the same mistake with Hiro's birthday. But in the end, I regret my decision. I wish I had gone all out on this party. I mean, it's Baymax, right? I meant, it's Hiro's first birthday ever, right?

Here are a few details of the party.

I made the easiest giveaways ever - Baymax marshmallow cake pops. For our centrepiece, we had a lot of mason jars on hand at home. I used 12 pieces of mason jars (2 for each table), filled them with purple paper shavings, and place these super adorable photos (a totally easy DIY) of Hiro (from birth to 12 months) in them. Everyone wanted to take them home! And of course, we had our simplified version of Photo Booth. (Who needs fancy equipment for photo booths?) I cropped and printed the Big Hero 6 characters on cardstock paper and taped them on sticks. I also made speech bubbles for Baymax's infamous "Ba la la la la" and "Hello" (again, super easy DIY).

Mother-in-law was our superb chef that day. She made Japanese food to match our theme. As I mentioned, I didn't get to give my best at this party. Therefore, I didn't get the chance to take photos of the scrumptious food she made. I didn't even take a good photo of our amazing cake! We had japanese noodles, chicken teriyaki, japanese curry, sushi and a lot of other good stuff. I printed these last minute photo magnets before leaving the house that day. I thought it would make a great giveaway for the godparents. Again, here is our super easy centre piece.

The following photos are of the dedication and party.

It was my first time to try out crepe paper as back drops. It turned out okay, but I'm hoping to learn more as I get into more parties this year. 

I only had one game for the kids at this party. But they loved it! We had boxing gloves on hand because we are a family who loves kick-boxing. Zaki has his own boxing gloves. Perfect for little hands! I used that gloves as Baymax's rocket fist. I attached this super hard paper tube to it for easy maneuvering when they throw it. I wrapped it in red tape. And we used black paper cups as "microbots". They had 3 tries to knock down the microbots. The kids loved it!

They were actually expecting more games throughout the party because I probably had set our birthday party expectations very high (based from our previous birthday parties). But we only prepared for all this last minute. So this wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. 

At some point, Zaki didn't wanna share his gloves to everybody for the game. I should've gotten more of those hard paper tube things. I don't even know where we got them from, I just found them at home by luck (because they're definitely not paper towel tubes or toilet paper tubes, they're much sturdier than that).

I wish I could've taken more photos but I was too busy entertaining guests and enjoying the party. Perhaps if there was a way to be the photographer and the host at the same time. Has anyone figured that out yet? 

By the end of the day, our big Hiro was definitely showered with so much love that day. We are so blessed because we know we have amazing godparents and friends for our big Hiro. Thank you to everyone that helped prepare, cook, set up and clean up. Thank you to all our godparents and guests that came. Thank you to everyone that made this party amazing. And most importantly thank you Lord for a new year for our big Hiro. Without whom we would not even have any of these blessings! 

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