Reset Week

After taking care of sick boys for two weeks, I had lost my rhythm. I was out of track. I was disoriented from the lack of sleep. I've been binging whenever I can. And I've stopped working out the entire time. Yup, it was that bad. Two weeks don't seem that long. But the changes in my habit is showing in my body. I get easily tired. And my emotions are getting the best of me again (after an entire month of learning to be slow to anger).

Thankfully, Hubby is smart. He took a week off to reorient himself. He's still feeling weak, so they let him take a leave off work. He calls it our "reset week". Basically, we are working on ourselves this week to help us get through the rest of the year. We've set aside time for ourselves and take turns watching the kids.

This week, I'm using my time to study for my learners license. I get to go out to a coffee shop or the library to have that special time by myself. Can I just tell you how ecstatic that makes me feel? I am really liking this reset week. I'm hoping to pass the knowledge test by the end of the week and apply for my learners license soon. I've also been able to blog more. And I'm organizing Hiro's birthday party and dedication due at the end of this month. There are also quite a number of things that needs my attention like spring cleaning.

After those terrible weeks of illnesses, this is as close to getting a vacation as we can right now. It's a good break from our daily routine. And I'm thankful for the time I'm given to spend on myself. If time was a currency, I'd be very poor. What do you guys do to get back into your groove?

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  1. High five on getting back to the swing of things!

    To reset, I need a full day to myself - running errands, tidying up the apartment, writing, reading. Quite literally putting things back in order, I guess!

    All the best on acing your knowledge test, dear :)