My dearest Zaki

This is Zaki. He's two years old and too smart for his own good. He's also a very emotional creature. His emotions are intense, perhaps it comes with age. His energy level is so high, I figure he might be zapping ours. He loves rough-play. He's loud and always covered in some sort of dirt. He's a big fan of Buzz lightyear and Rescue Bots. Also, he's never had a haircut... until today. We thought we should grow out his hair. But his almost-afro hair-do is getting a bit too hot for Summer. It took quite a bribe and lots of tears before Dada got to finish his haircut. An hour of tears, a few new toy cars and a promised Kinder surprise egg; he finally agreed.

To my dearest Zaki,

You're the bravest two-year-old in the world. I'm so proud of you. You don't know the depth of my love for you, babe. You're only seeing the tip of the iceberg. I love you to infinity and beyond. 



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