It was only a bad day, not a bad life.

I mentioned that the kids and hubby were down with a stomach flu last week. I didn't mention how terrible those days were for me. Those were such hell-ish days for me. And they have been constantly happening to my family this year. I'm pretty sure it's bound to make me a "better" person but let's be honest here, while we're in that crazy zone, you just can't help but lose your head. I was probably going crazy when I started laughing at the insanity of this whole motherhood/wifey thing. And I thought my thoughts were pretty interesting during these days that I've decided to write an entire blog post about it.

Ps. It was a week (or two) of sick whiney boys + husband. I was beyond exhausted and super cranky.

And this is what a normal day looked like during those days:
  • Why am I already cleaning someone's butt right when I've just woken up? Am I sleep-cleaning?
  • How many times have I changed diapers this morning? Oh, you know, just every other hour of the day (and night)!
  • Hmm, another stained bedsheet (from another poop-explosion or vomit). Maybe if I ignore those stains, they'll just disappear. Please, oh please, oh please...
  • 9am, already? But I haven't had breakfast yet. That is so not like me. I'll just make some coffee. What? No coffee?! No, it's the end of the world!
  • We need to do groceries. Tim, get up and drive! Stop being so whiney and sick. I need you!
  • Tim can't drive. FINE. I'll find someone else to drive me instead.
  • Woohoo! Groceries without kids?! Alright! It's like a mini-vacation.
  • Uh oh, oh no, oh no no no. Yes, Zaki? You wanna come? OKAY, FINE.
  • Nap time, alright! Oh wait, there's still a hundred things to do.
  • Put away groceries? Check. Clean poop stain on the carpet? Done. Throw trash? Done. Clean our stinky bathroom? Check. Get started with a butt-load of laundry? Done. Carry both sick and whiney kids up and down the stairs because they both wanna be cuddled? Yup. Give hubby a pass on being a parent because he's sick? Ugh, NOPE.
  • Dinner time - the only time I get to be in peace. Yes? What do you need? Okay, what now? But mommy's hungry. Can I eat first? Guys, just wait. OMG! AGHHHH! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!
As much as I love my family, I could not keep serving them all day long without a minute for myself. And I'm not exaggerating here. The stink in our bedroom was beyond intolerable. The dryness of my hands made it so obvious that I had been washing my hands every 30 minutes or so (you know, before & after changing diapers, feeding, cooking, etc). By the end of that week, I literally snapped. I lost all my nerve. I just told them to leave me alone. I know I was being selfish, but I think all moms can relate. I just kept giving and giving and giving and It was not good for anyone.

So while they were sick, I was finding ways to escape the reality of my life. But the stench was too strong to just ignore, the baby's cry was too adorable and the toddler's tantrum was too heartbreaking - I just couldn't help but love them. They are my life and as much as I have had enough, I just have to stick it out. It was only a bad day (or week), not a bad life.

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