A night of change

I was looking forward to this all week. It was that one night we get to ditch our daily routine. We get to sleep overnight at a cabin with people from church. Being our church's designated youth leader, we were invited to our church's leader's camp. We didn't know what to expect. But I wanted to go because it meant being with people from church. And people from church just loves babysitting my boys, and that was already a win for me!

Early that morning, we got our bags packed. But as usual, we ran late. With two kids in tow, it's kinda hard to head out the door for anything on time. I used to be able to pack a single back pack for an overnight. But now, it seemed like we brought the entire bedroom with us just for one night at camp. And off we go on an hour and a half drive to what I thought would be a happy weekend.

When people seemed to be enjoying watching over my boys, I quickly took the chance to escape. I was looking forward to this all week. I wanted to soak it all in. The weather was not going to ruin my time here, or so I thought. After being sunny all morning, it snowed at noon. I still refused to be bothered by it. 

But as the day went on - we had discussions, films, worship and activities. I realized this day was more than just a break from our routine. We were here for some serious business. God called us here for something. Needless to say, it was a night of change. I sure had some serious migraines throughout the day but I'm pretty sure it was all worth it. The time we spent with these people were worth it.

It is an honour for me to be able to serve these people, to work along side them, to help and to love. You cannot find a perfect church because there is not one person that is perfect. A church is made up of broken people. Weren't Jesus' disciplines mostly criminals and cast-outs? These people are my family here. And I love them.

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