We love boxes

I was cleaning up the other night. And I was about to throw away these boxes. When a certain little boy gave me an idea.

These boxes lasted us a few days. Given that they were already almost broken, and I didn't bother to prettify them. I just needed them to keep my boys busy.

I got him to stack the boxes. It was quite a challenge for a two-year-old since you have to find balance in each box. 

After stacking it up, I got him to knock it down with a ball. Super fun! Boys LOVE destroying things. So this was super win for us. 

I would suggest making the boxes more durable (and prettifying it while you're on it) because after a day or two, the boxes just got torn. And then I really had to throw them away. But it was fun while it lasted. 

I love coming up with random things for my kids to do. It keeps my creativity in check. It keeps them active. It's super win win win.

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