Building things

Zaki loves to build. We have mega blocks, duplos, wooden blocks and random boxes. He just loves to build. I'm enjoying this right now because we use a lot of our imagination. We make dragons, robots, houses, spaceships, just to name a few of what he likes to make.

We bought these wooden blocks last year. I stored it away because when we got them, he just wasn't that interested in it yet. But since he fell in love with mega blocks, I decided to take these wooden blocks out to see if he'll like it too. And I was right.

He's starting to recognize shapes. He caught me off guard. I thought we'd need flash cards or even those educational posters before he learns these things. But apparently, he already knows them. We've even sorted them according to colour.

Sometimes, I feel as though I don't get anything else done in the house because I'm too busy "playing" with them. But I know these intentional playtimes are super important to them. I get to teach them hands on, spend time with them and in due time, I believe I will reap what I sow.

Of course, the little brother doesn't yet know what to do with these except to try and eat them. I don't know his interests yet, but I'm guessing we'll soon find out. This guy turns one year old next month!

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