"Eh-xercise? Yah?"

Today, I'm going to take you behind the scenes on how I get my workouts done. As a mom, I don't always get the pleasure of going to the gym. So, 95% of my workouts have to happen at home. You don't need fancy equipment to get you started. Just the motivation to keep going.

Here's my usual necessities for a regular workout; my non-slip "shoes", dumb bells, toys and snacks for the boys, and my good old babysitter-TV. Oh yes, and a yoga mat. I didn't get to include my phone because I was using it to take a photo. But I always need my phone. Right now, I love the Nike Training app. I like it because it's super easy to use - unlike the other apps that I've tried. You should check it out! (Btw, I'm not paid to endorse them. I just really think you should try it out too.) Oh, and not included in this photo is water (of course). Drink lots of water!

So, you think you have everything you need to workout? Okay, but make sure to not forget to bring your game on. Because the next series of photos will show you just how difficult it is for a mom to workout (with little ones around).

You see, I don't like to workout when they're taking their naps. I prefer to use that time as my quiet time or to update my blog. I need my quiet time just as much as my workouts. So, I usually workout during their morning playtime.

Whenever Zaki sees the mat, he asks me, "Mama, eh-xercise? Yah?" And he sometimes copies what I do - like stretching or something. Here is typical hungry Hiro asking for milk in between my sets. 

All done! Back to work, mama. The mat is supposedly for me. But the boys like to sit on it while I'm using it. I do try to take it back from them. I try.

This is, of course, just a part of what we look like while working out. It isn't the entire picture. I'd be sweaty. And constantly dragging one kid out of my way. But by the end of the workout, I gain more energy than I had to begin with.

It takes motivation to keep going, especially for a mom. If you need someone to cheer you on, don't hesitate to hit me up. I could use some cheering on too!

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