Brothers; same but different.

Zaki has been super good to me. I was pregnant with Hiro when Zaki was only 8 months old. Zaki grew up too fast. It were as though he knew that I needed him to be all grown up by the time Hiro was born. 

Zaki started walking a few days before he turned 10 months old. He gave up his pacifier a month and a few days after he turned 1 year old. He was weaned off from his bottles by the time Hiro was born. He started eating by himself by 18 months old. My point being, he's a very good older brother. I can get him to fetch nappies and wet wipes. Or throw any garbage to the bin. He is smart enough to know that mama needs his help with raising his little brother.

Little Hiro has acquired most of our "cute" genes. Basically, he's only cute and cuddly. At the age of 10 months old, he has yet to grow some teeth and start walking. Hiro is growing way bigger than Zaki was at 10 months old. He is also way more gentle than Zaki (probably) could ever be. I like gentle, specially in boys. Hiro is also a great listener. Zaki babbles too much. Hiro also has the best poker-face in the whole world. You could get a fire-breathing clown that juggles ice cream and yet he still wouldn't laugh out loud. It takes a lot to get him to laugh. He baffles me. I'm very curious to see what his personality is like.

Zaki is loud, Hiro is quiet. Zaki likes to find out for himself, Hiro is an observer. Zaki is super tanned, Hiro is super light. Zaki is super curly, Hiro is so far not curly at all.

With their ages so close, and their differences so loud, you cannot help but compare them because they are brothers. I have no issues here, because they are exactly what I would need them to be. I'm very happy and contented with their developments. I'm just thankful they are healthy. And I love both of them so much that even when my heart has expanded to cope with this love, there is still not enough room for all that love. 

I hope that they grow to love each other's differences. I pray that we, the parents, may help nourish their brotherhood. I'm not hoping for zero bickering. I am just praying that we would raise them up to have a good relationship with each other - to be best friends.

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