Home-made Edible Play-dough

Remember my dilemma about my babysitter TV? So, I've been preparing for March activities. This week has been a trial and error with these things. I'm figuring out which activities work for us and which don't. And so far, this Edible Play Dough works wonders for us. He even wants to sleep with it!

I am a Pinterest-oholic. Didn't you know? It's the new google! I'm kidding. But seriously, everything I need is right there. As I was doing my research on activties, I realized I had to find something edible for them to do. Since both boys still loves mouthing objects, I had to find something safe for them to play with. Although, this play-dough is made up of edible ingredients, it does not necessarily mean I will let him eat it. It just means that if in case he ever ingests it, I know that it is safe to eat.

Also, I haven't let Hiro play with this yet. Perhaps, I'll make a different batch of play-dough for Hiro. Seeing how Zaki plays with his batch, I can't imagine all the germs that's found its way to his play-dough. 

Anyways, playing with play-dough in a house with carpet requires rules. Zaki understands rules. Although, we struggle sometimes, but he understands that play-dough is only for the table/desk. If he brings it with him anywhere, I remind him to put it back on the desk where it belongs. On the first day that I introduced his play-dough, he wanted to sleep with it. I had to put it in a ziplock bag for him to be able to keep it with him in bed.

He spends atleast twice a day on this activity, lasting as long as 30 minutes or more each time. I mean, that is the longest he's spent on one activity. He's usually distracted and comes back and forth between a few toys. But this one is a winner!

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