Building habits (on working out)

Before I had kids, I didn't see the need to workout. But now, I realize the importance of my health. Now, I know the benefits of taking care of my body. I know some people are just not the sporty type, but exercising is as simple as going for a walk. I mean, I'm only 25 years old, right? I shouldn't worry about aging. I'm very healthy without even "trying" (no need for special diets, or certain vitamins, etc). Thus, it took me awhile to really have the desire of being healthy.

Changing your lifestyle

Choosing to be healthy is a lifestyle because you are required to make good choices daily (Mcdonald's or grocery-store salad for lunch? To workout today or not?). I've read once before that it takes atleast 21 days to make/break a habit. It takes time but it is worth it. Think about the benefits of taking care of your health as early as now vs taking care of your health only when there's a problem. Think about the benefits in general.

The prize (health) that you get will always be greater than the price (time spent, energy used, habit-building, etc) that you will pay. When you plant a seed, you don't only get a seed in return. But an entire tree with flowers, fruits, and even more seeds to plant! Do you get it?

Desire > Excuses

I am great at giving excuses. As a mom, I can always blame my kids. I blame them for my fatigue and endless things to do. But if you make your health a priority, it should be on top of your to-do list, right? Hence, get doing your to-do list. Workout? Check. If you're too exhausted to workout, do atleast 10 sit ups. Workout? Check.

Which brings me here:
Start somewhere, anywhere.

When I just began my fitness journey, I remember starting with this 30-day challenge (I altered it to my strength or more like weakness and endurance). I would do them daily. I started with 5 push-ups, 5 sit-ups, 5 squats, and a 5-sec plank. It took me less than 5 minutes every day. And I was pretty darn proud of myself.

Start somewhere, anywhere! Gradually increase your workout routine (from 5 minutes to 15 minutes, and so on). And make sure you're comfortable with your pace. Don't over exert yourself, or you'll just get stuck and give up. The important thing is that you are consistent. You do something daily. On weekdays, I go from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, every other day. But on weekends (where I have more time), I do an entire hour.

I've come to a point where if I don't get my daily workout done, I'm cranky. I need my pumped up music, my sweaty yoga mat and my Nike training app. I've got so addicted to the pulsing of my heart, the sweat dripping off my head, and the end-results. Oh, man - the results are definitely worth it. Fitness is an addiction. You should try it.

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