Zaki's 2nd Birthday

So I know this is way overdue but... our oldest turned two a few weeks ago.

This year, I had the privilege to bake his birthday cake. I did my best. But sadly, it still isn't perfect. I should practice more. Because I think I'll be baking all their birthday cakes from now on. 

Our party started off with everyone putting their own space ranger wings together. Here is captain space ranger (aka Hubby) teaching everyone how to do it.

We had a mini photo booth happening while the kids were crafting. I got the props from Merriment Design. We just printed them on to card stock and taped a wooden stick (from Dollar Store). And tada! Instant photo booth props. 

And below is a photo sequence of how two cousins try to show off to a pretty little girl at a party.

And then we had our games. I came up with the ideas but Hubby made most of my ideas come to life. I was busy with baking and the decorations while he took care of our games. I call him the game-maker. I wouldn't be surprised if we come up with amazing games in our future birthday parties.

So this one is called "The Claw". We had these two long claw-like sticks. I think we got them from target last year for $2. And we had ball-pit balls that we purchased last year from Toys R Us. We used them last year for Zaki's first birthday party. And we play with them every now and then at home. So, we decided to print out photos of little green aliens and stick them on a few of those balls. My ever so brilliant Hubby, reused one of the boxes we had from the basement. And turned it into this.

They were cut in two groups. They had a timer. And they had to get as much little green aliens as they can. 

This other game is called "Attack Zurg". So basically, we printed out Zurg on cardstock paper and taped them on some tube that we made from cardstock as well. We used the little green aliens that they got from "The Claw" (which were basically plastic balls) to attack Zurg. But they couldn't hit those little green aliens next to Zurg. 

I'm sure Zaki had fun. Hubby and I always have fun preparing for his birthday parties. I'm hoping we'll get better at this each year. 

And I'm guessing two is also going to be a fun age (cross fingers).

(Note: most photos were taken by Abotz.)

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