Unforgettable little piece of art

So I know this is one of many, but I just wanted to remember this particular one.

Zaki loves to draw/color. He would do it whenever he can. He often asks me for his crayons and I can leave him scribbling for hours. One Sunday, after Sunday school, he ran to me. He showed me this piece of paper. He doesn't talk straight yet but he can babble a few words. He said "eating" and rightly so, the bird was eating. Because "God gives food to the hungry." He kept speaking in gibberish, but I noticed he was telling me what he did at Sunday school. And I just couldn't forget how his eyes lit up, and the way he was so proud of this piece of art.

While this doe-eyed-curly-haired-silly little boy kept talking, I thought to myself - he is my unforgettable little piece of art. I hope he never stops being this bright. I hope the world won't hurt him so bad. I wish I could keep him away from danger all his life. But I know there is only much I could do. It breaks my heart knowing that one day, he'll see the world for what it really is - broken. It breaks my heart knowing he'll break someday too - like everyone else. But I hope he continues to shine in the darkness. I hope he never stops coloring the world - in colors that makes life warmer and loving. I hope that this little talent of his would inspire others, as it had inspired me. I hope he won't stop seeing the world this way - this beautiful. If he only knew how beautiful he is to me, and I hope he grows up knowing it. Oh, my little boy. A mother can only do so much for you. God holds you, and I shall not want.

On a completely different note, I've been trying to update my layout and fix a few errors here and there. If you guys find anything wrong with the blog, please let me know so I can take a look at it. I haven't done anything so brain-draining in years! Fiddling with HTML makes me so excited. I'm little bit dusty with my designing skills. But I'm hoping to get a new look done before the year ends. I'm so excited for the year ahead. I don't know where I'll be but I'm sure glad you're still around reading this.

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