C is for Cookies

I have an incredible Mother-in-law who bakes incredibly awesome. I got inspired by her and I've started baking too! (Uh oh!) Yes, I know what you're thinking. Don't burn the house down. But believe me, I will get better at this. I thought I'd start out with something easy like cookies.

So after a few burnt cookies and a ton of mess in our kitchen, I bring you my version of Booby Cookies (Lactation cookies).

I got the recipe here. I did it without the chocolate chips (which was a big miss) because I didn't know we ran out. I think next time, I'll have some on hand.

The next batch of cookies I've (successfully) made are white chocolate chip Oreo cookies. And so far, they are the bomb. They're soft and chewy. I got the recipe here. I'm thinking I'll be doing more of this baking thing in the future.

Okay, so I forgot to take a photo of the end result. But they were glorious! They were finished before I could even take a photo if it. Yes, they were that good. I'm thinking our home will smell a lot like cookies from now on.

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