The Lighting McQueen box car

My son dressed up as Lightning McQueen this year. My husband and I thought it would be fun to make a boxed car to go with it. I had a very simple idea in my head. Get a box, paint it. My husband, however, being his awesome self, had a different idea.

Our son has a little red wagon. We thought it would be nice to build it around that wagon, so he can actually sit in it or push it. He got a few different sized boxes - mostly from pampers. And then stuck them together with massive tape. He then cut a few parts to give it that "3D" effect. Or so he says. Then he made me do the dirty, or sticky work. It was time to paper mâché the entire car. We left it to dry for 2 days since the sun wasn't out enough. 

When it was dry enough, hubby spray painted it. And when that was dry enough, we had to print a few parts of McQueen and glue it on him. 

We could've spent a bit more time on it. As you can see in the photo below that the back wheel was a little off. And that the wagon's wheel was slightly showing underneath. It wasn't perfect. But I'm pretty sure we were the most perfect parents to this little guy that night!

Little boy had fun pushing it around. Lightning McQueen was such a show-stopper! Let's see what we come up with next year. Until then, Ka-chow!

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