Birthday Shoot

Last Sunday, I got to have a mini photoshoot with Abotz just because it was my birthday. She is so amazing! I'm not even exaggerating. Go see for yourself and book your own birthday shoot with her. We had a few balloons in hand. We decided to prop them up by this tree behind me. It was freezing but super fun!


My heart shattered as I read those words.
Like a thousand tiny whispers, my Spirit hears Him so clearly.
I'm lost in the same place I've always been.
So tired, too tired to care where I'm going.
I can't recognize it. I can't recognize her.
See through your heart and feel through your eyes,
Look around and find her.
Slow down to catch her.
Inhale it all. Embrace it.
Nothing can be too broken,
There will always be beauty in between.

All Photos by Abotz

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