Today, I am thankful because I had yesterday.

Yesterday was difficult. But today is a different day. I woke up a bit earlier than the little boy - which was a big to-do on my list. I should do it everyday! I had a few minutes to have some quiet time before all the rush of changing diapers, feeding and what-not. I like the serene each morning brings along with all the sun's glory.

And today, I stumbled upon this.

It's a free printable I found here. I was so excited when I found it. It was perfect! Thankful to the wonderful designer of this print. It wasn't really a printable, it was designed as a background for desktops, phones and iPads. But I thought of printing it as a daily reminder.

I am in this current phase of my life. And it's such a good reminder for me to see everyday. I'm also so happy with the new printer we bought. Its wirelessly connected to my laptop so I can print from anywhere. And the grab-bag I got from DeSerres for $5 had such wonderful quality paper. I just know all this makes sense now. I am on my way to a dream of filling my house with wonderful words - whether they be taped to our mirror, framed on our walls, or simply kept in our notebooks. I am going to fill my home with words that uplift and encourage.

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