The blessing of being loved

Today, there was a tiny parcel along with a bunch of other letters. They were all for my husband, who was at work at the moment. I texted him to let him know. He told me to open all of them. And so I did. I was curious about the parcel so I decided to open that first. I couldn't get it to open so I had to use scissors to cut through the plastic envelope and bubble wrap. By the time I've finally opened it, my husband texted me again. He told me not to open the parcel, which I've already did. I told him I've opened it. And he said it was supposed to be a surprise for me. I peeked in the envelope and this is what I found.

A beautiful necklace. He told me how he bought it online and that he buys his presents in advance. He said the necklace is called "Aurore Boreale" which means northern lights. He knows how much of a dream it is for me to see the northern lights but I've never had the chance to yet. He thought he could give me something to hold on to until he can take me to see the actual sight.

I held it up wishing I didn't even open the parcel. But the sun shone through it and it glistened in a hue of blue and orange. I couldn't take my eyes of it. I told him I'm sorry that I opened his mail. He told me that's alright, although he'll never buy my gifts online again.

I look back this entire month, thinking how my husband has spoiled me with gifts and I didn't even give him one. He's made breakfast for me, bought me flowers twice, got me a beautiful bracelet that matches this beautiful necklace and he even did the laundry. I am so blessed by this man. I'm loving February! He's made it into a whole month of celebrating love.

Basking in his pampering. I'm so blessed to experience a love like this. I'm so thankful that God has created such a man. I am just in awe because God truly knows my hearts desire.

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