Kind of like art

Everyone vents. Everyone needs somewhere to dump their thoughts and emotions. It could be a friend. It could be a good smoke. It could be a few glasses of cranberry vodka. It could be photography or something artistic. But since I don't smoke, I can't drink and I sure don't have time to be creative - I will write. I will write with tears and laughter. I will write because no body listens. I will write because I have nothing nice to say. I will write like the very ink of this pen is my blood.

If you don't know my story, I'll fill you in little by little. I just can't summarize my life in a single post. I just realized it doesn't work that way. I'm usually not this intense. I usually laugh a lot and make up stupid jokes. I usually have a good head, but for some reason, I can't find much of it today. Somehow, I must've lost it in between a stupid phone call and waking up 3x a night to feed my baby boy. Everything is a mess right now, but it's usually these times when an alter-ego of mine loves it. For some reason, it just takes my breath away.

So I write the rawness of my emotions somewhat-carefully put into words - I don't need you to understand. I just need you to listen. I hope that somewhere along the road of my posts, you will find me. In between the happy and the sad, I hope you'll be there. This is the beginning of a place where my mistakes and memories makes a masterpiece. Its pretty messy - kind of like art.

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