Help, I need your brilliant minds!

Before I start blabbing today, can I just say how amazing you guys are?! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Like for real, thank you for the record-breaking page views to my big news. You guys are so awesome, here is a never-been-seen photo of Hiro.

So to get things off my mind, I'm panicking a little bit on the inside. Why is time so fast when you have deadlines? I'm so new to the blogging industry. I don't know what I'm doing half the time. But I really do enjoy what I'm doing. It is part of why I do it. I rant a lot around here. It's more of therapy for me than it is real work. It works both ways. But when I decided to take it up a level, I didn't know what I got myself into. Rebranding, importing blogs, SEOs. Say what?

Blogs are so amusing. For the longest time I've struggled with finding content. It isn't easy to poop words. But I'm getting past my "ranting about everything" phase and would love it if I could stop talking about dirty diapers soon. Will you lend me your brilliant mind? I created a little survey. I need your thoughts on this. It's only a 2,789,193 question form and will only take 235 hours of your time. Will you guys help me out here?

You are so legendary! Thank you, like, a million times!

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