Random (Shameless) Plugging

By far, last week's post has gotten the most feedback from my entire blog. I must say that as I write this, I now feel naked. Having laid out a summary of all (most) my history for everyone to read brings  the elephant out of the room. There is freedom in such honesty. There is freedom in the truth.

The book "The Rabbi's Heartbeat" by Brennan Manning is the one who has encouraged me to face my real self. I am one who likes to hide, especially when I get hurt. I pity myself and hide as though I were the only person in the history of humanity that has ever gotten hurt. But this book has encouraged me to be brave, to come out of hiding, to reveal all of me - because that is who Jesus loves.

I have been feeling so much love that today I feel like giving back all that love. So I will be (shamelessly) plugging some very lovely blogs. Some of which do not know I exist but you guys just have to read their blogs. These are amazing, God-chasing, beyond-talented, extraordinary women. Their lives are so intricately made to bless others. You just have to see to find out for yourselves.

Under the Sycamore is the one who has inspired me to keep blogging. Ashley is so creative. She inspires me daily. I've been following her blog for years now. I always find my creative juice from all her DIYs.

Grace laced always sets my heart right. Ruth is a God-chasing woman who is beyond talented. She always finds the right words to say, and at just the right time too. I love how I always end up reading my bible after reading her posts.
Chasing Dreams is one of my dream blogs. Riz has found an incredible way of inspiring others. And one day, I will ask all I want to know about how in the world she does it all. You cannot leave her blog without feeling inspired to chase your own dreams. I dare you!

Woman Scribbles is a blog I've just recently stumbled upon. Sanna is a multi-talented mama that has a very beautiful story waiting to be told. Explore her blog and find out for yourself.

Wander Girl is a very empowering blog. Arriane goes beyond her comfort to reach out to other women about their passion and story. She has a lot of free printables that I post around our bedroom to keep my creativity in check.

Lacey Sturm has a blog on her website that I often read over and over. Given her busy schedule as a new mom of two, she hasn't been updating a lot. She used to be the lead singer of my all time favourite band - Flyleaf. Her music, her story, her life - her words are powerful. She has inspired me throughout the toughest times of my life. She has a book called "The Reason" and it will change your perspective about life.

The Tapestry Project was a project by Xaris, a very dear friend of mine. She asked me last year to join her. But unfortunately, I had just given birth to my youngest and haven't gotten the time to finish the entire project. I might try again this year. Would you give it a try?

If you're more into the artistic side of writing, this girl's got you covered. Out On Seventh Street is a mixture of real life shenanigans and literature. She travels, journals, loves coffee and books. I'd love to be her any day or maybe just for one day (because I love my kids).

Again, I am overwhelmed at the love everyone has given me. But it is good to be reminded that it is not about me. My entire story isn't about me. It is about who created me. That one who has carefully and beautifully made me is the only one that we should be celebrating. God be glorified at all the lives you've helped me speak to. God be glorified at this blog. God be glorified!


  1. Wow, what an honour to be on this list! Thank you so much. <3

    You know, this blog is one of my favourite places online too, and I'm not just saying this. Thank you for constantly reminding me of His grace and goodness. Keep writing. You never know how deeply your words make a difference, how your posts never fail to point to Whom it's about, at the end of the day. :)

    1. Aww, thanks Johna! Most of the time, I'm just preaching to myself. I'm so glad that it has inspired you to! And to be honest, I haven't read your recent posts. I haven't caught up on reading any of the usual blogs that I follow. I've just been too busy lately!