"Quiet" time

I've been desperately trying to get up earlier than my boys in hopes of finding some quiet time. But sadly, since we all sleep on the same bed, I just can't. They won't let me. 5 minutes into getting out of bed, the boys are slowly waking up. By the time I get to wash up and start having my quiet time, they are already out of bed.

If you are like me, a mom who wants her quiet time, don't lose hope. Where there's a will, there is a way. And there is a way, mommas! I have found one, sort of. It's not very quiet, but it is quality time. It doesn't have to be completely quiet, as long as it is peaceful. And it doesn't have to take up an hour, even 10 minutes is enough. I realized that out of desperation, I've started reading my bible despite the chaos happening around me. The boys would be having their Tv time, I would read my bible. The boys would be having snacks, I would read my bible. I have become that desperate for some "quiet" time.

Out of trial and errors, I have found a strategy that works with us. I would give Zaki some play dough to play with or lego to build or simply an activity without needing my guidance. And then I'd nurse Hiro. While I am holding this little one, I read my bible out loud. I read it out to my boys, as though I was reading a story book.

It benefits both me and the boys because then I'd have my not-so-quiet but quality time that I need. And they get to hear about God. I even play some worship songs before I open my bible. And it lets my kids know that mommy's about to read her bible. Zaki plays well on his own. It's only Hiro who's constantly bothering me during this time. But I believe this is a good habit.

I'm hoping that when they get old enough to read on their own, they can read their own bibles with me during this time. Oh, my heart, I would be so happy! But until then, I'll keep reading my bible out loud while nursing this babe and watching my 2-year-old make elephants with his play dough.


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