Joy has come

Christmas is next week. I can go on listing all the things I have yet to do. Our house is currently in a undecorated, un-festive and lonely state that is constantly in a mess (no matter how many times I vacuum in a day). I can keep browsing Facebook and be envious of families gathering together this season. But what good would that do?

Last Sunday, I was blessed enough that both my boys were asleep during service. I actually got to sit inside the sanctuary the whole time without getting bothered. And God spoke to me in that precious hour that I sat there.

He isn't interested in my list of things to do. He isn't interested in the gifts I give others (although it is a good thing to give). He is interested in the state of my heart. If I do/give/say something but my heart says otherwise - what good does it do? My heart is so wicked. It's hard to admit. I don't like being "holier than thou", self-righteous and selfish. But sometimes, to be honest, I am. And this season, He wants me to know that. I don't need anything else. I just need Him. To rest in Him. To surrender my heart. To give my best to Him. He wants my heart.

And despite the loneliness I burden this Christmas, despite the undecorated house, despite all that I worry about - I have joy. Because when God sent Jesus here, joy rained down. It was glorious. Oh, how I long to see my King. This is my joy. And that is Christmas right there.


On a completely different note, the following photos are what I've been busy about the past few weeks:

Babysitting a preschooler (my nephew) while taking care of my boys (a toddler and a baby) is super fun and exhausting. Mostly, exhausting. Actually, it's super exhausting. 

But while the boys were busy, I managed to bake my very first cake. Imagine that? Watching 3 boys while baking? Not such a good idea. But I baked so I could practice for Super Zaki's birthday cake next week. Which turned out I had a little bit of that skill tucked in my sleeve somewhere.

Boys with balloon as swords? Why not? It kept them busy. And it made me happy. 

Christmas in one week, y'all. But Joy is definitely already here. ;)


  1. You did a good job with that cake! Adorable boys as always ♥︎

    1. Thanks, Ann! Actually, the middle part of that cake wasn't fully baked because I took it out of the oven too soon. And I had a horrible time icing it. It took me like 3 - 4 hours just getting the icing done right. But thank God the cake turned out good, and tasty! Specially the middle part. Hehe!