Halloween, Yes or No?

I am not a big fan of anything scary. When it comes to scary movies, haunted houses, ghost stories, etc, PLEASE COUNT ME OUT. I literally cry when people tell me scary stories. And I've held onto a few friends for dear life during a trip to a haunted house. I am a wuss. I don't care what you say, I hate anything and everything scary. Obviously Halloween isn't my favourite occasion. It's something I wouldn't want my kids to celebrate like others do for a few reasons:

  1. I don't want them eating candy. It's Zaki's second Halloween this year and I'm proud that I've mostly thrown/hidden/ate all the candy he got. He's too young for it anyways. He doesn't need all the extra sugar.
  2. I don't do scary. I hate it when people scare me, especially when they scare my kids.
But I don't want them to feel left out. I want them to enjoy being a child while they still can. So yes, we do dress up. But we've never really gone door to door trick or treating. We just like to show off our costumes. I'm actually thinking of doing this dress up thing on a monthly basis. I'd probably be one of those parents that lets their kid get too creative.

Anyways, since I've never dressed up for Halloween before... I had so much fun putting together my first ever Halloween costume. Can you guess who I was for Halloween this year?

I didn't quite get the hair right. Other than that, I'm pretty sure I nailed it. More on the Katniss Everdeen outfit later! And here's how our Halloween kinda went:

I tried to get a few photos of the boys in their outfits before our night began. It was a disaster. It was more work than it was rewarding. I don't know how to take photos of kids. They won't sit still. Well, at least not my boys. They won't cooperate. Sigh, any tricks or tips for this?

I secretly hid my phone by the window still and put on a spiderman show to quickly grab his attention.

We hit the mall with his Lightning Mcqueen car. It was such a hit! He was a showstopper. Clearly, we put in so much effort in this. But he had so much fun. I had so much fun watching him have so much fun! It was a blast. Will post more on the Lightning Mcqueen Car later!

We dress up for fun, not just for Halloween. We might do it more often too! Would'ya like to join us?

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