On being a housewife

Pardon my heart. It weighs heavy tonight.

I have been told that I shouldn't just stay at home and be a housewife. I should be out there in the working world and have a well-earning life instead. If not, I'd be worn out and life would've ended too early too soon. Don't get me wrong, having a good career is great. And if you are a working-mom then I salute you! I probably wouldn't know how to juggle it all. But if you are like me, who is given the chance to stay home with your children - then I know you would've felt this way at some point too.

It hurts me that others don't understand how valuable it is (at least, to me) that I have time to spend on my children. I have time to learn about them, to understand them - what they love, who they are, who they want to be. I am given so much time with them - how can it not be a gift? Others don't get as blessed with what we have.

Oh, but I still complain from time to time. I get cranky when I can't get things done around the house. I get impatient. It's not a breeze being a homemaker. I don't just wake up whenever I want to. I don't laze around all day. I have a schedule that revolves around my family. I do things for my family that I don't even do for myself. I clean. I cook. I wash. I keep toddlers out of trouble. I make sure my husband is well taken care of. I don't have a clock-in or clock-out time. And I don't get paid. I work for love - and for the sake of my sanity. I mean, who wants to live in a house full of smelly laundry and dirty diapers?

But despite all the reasons I just previously noted, I love my family. I love waking up to my husband who tirelessly works hard for us. I love tending to my children who I find are the most adorable boys in the world. I love how I get to be the first to see all their accomplishments and even the first they run to when they're hurt. I love every bit of catering to my house because I helped built it to what it is.

Some people have the impression that when you are a housewife, you automatically are down-graded to a lower class. You miss out on society. You become depressed because you ONLY stay at home. I mean, what is a company award compared to "best mom" stickers from your family, right? Wrong.

In the world we live in today, most housewives are considered first class because they can afford to stay home. Bills get paid, even while they "only" stay at home.
A society is made out of communities. A different community for different places, events, types of people, etc. It depends on what you actually want to miss out on - like say, a former party life. I never really fit in that category. I don't believe I am missing out on any fun.
And if you are depressed on being a housewife, you should have a good long talk with God. Because if you can't see the joy in all this, then you are missing out.

To be honest, I never had big dreams for myself. I never thought I'd be given such an opportunity like this. But when I had the chance, I knew it was for me. I dream of having a wonderful family in a wonderful house. I dream of having Pinterest-picture-perfect photos to post in my Pinterest-picture-perfect home. I dream of raising my children hands on and all the while catering to my husband. This is my dream. And God has blessed me with such a dream as this. I am more than thankful.


  1. To be a full time house wife and to be with my daughter 24/7 is my dream. I'd rather not work because I miss out on the moments that my daughter grows in so many ways. I dont know why some people think being a stay at home mom lessens us women when in fact it is the most gratifying job in the world.

    You are lucky :)

    1. Hi Sanna, thanks for dropping by and letting me know what you think! I really appreciate it. Also, where in Canada are you from?

  2. Hi Hazel, I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba. How about you?
    Take care!