Analog love

I have always been intrigued by film. It was 3 years ago when my then boyfriend (now husband) bought me a Diana F+ as a present. It got me all caught up in lomography. I loved the suspense in it. I loved waiting for my film to get developed. I loved not knowing how my photos would actually turn out.

It's been a year since I last used my Diana. It's always more convenient to just settle with our phones and add filters from apps. But recently, I've started playing with another camera - Canon EOS 50. I think if you really want to understand photography, you should go back to the beginning - film. I'm struggling with finding the right settings for different situations. I'm still learning how to experiment with the right iso, shutter speed and f-stop for different time of day. I hope someday to be able to manipulate light easily.

I'll post the photos I took with this when I'm done with it. I can't wait. Analog thrills me!

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