Little Miss Brave

I can never get myself to write my deepest thoughts. I used to pen it all down until I slowly lost my faith with papers, that or I just don't trust people anymore. I realized that when you write, you put yourself out there. You put your heart out on the line and you tell them, "here, take a piece of my heart". You write yourself out, carefully putting each thought to paper. It's either you're too naive or brave enough to give yourself away. The worst part is they get to decide if they want to keep you or throw you away like rubbish. I salute writers who have he balls to give themselves to the world. I am not strong enough for that. I can only take much criticism the world throws at me.
But I wish I were brave. Brave enough to dye my hair blue. Brave enough to wear a swimsuit after having 2 kids. Brave enough to put myself out there. Maybe, I should start here.

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