The only constant thing in this world is change

We made it! We're finally all together and this time it's forever! Yes, we are in Canada now with the love of my life now - my super sweet hubby!

In my previous post, I was struggling with being far from my husband while raising our newborn alone in HK. 2 weeks ago, we flew to Canada to finally live with my husband. Moving away from my family was sad but not as difficult as living away from my husband. Now that we're together, I'm finally getting more sleep because having him around is a big help. Also, the night feedings have gone down from 3x to once a night. Baby boy is turning 7 months in a week! Time does fly!

Starting a new life isn't easy. Our flight got me quite unwell. I was rather dizzy, sleepless, developed a cold and was so exhausted from carrying our baby boy and 5 - 6 heavy bags. I'm pretty crazy for tempting to do it all alone. But there were a lot of good people along the way that made it possible. And thank God for good stewardess that didn't mind carrying baby boy whenever I went to the washroom, kind passengers that helped me with my bags, and a very helpful airport staff.

We're doing our best to get settled here - doing some paper work for our health insurance, our PR card, my social insurance number, looking for a pedia, etc. We're doing quite well adjusting. The jetlag wasn't so bad for me since I was used to getting the 2 - 4 hrs span of sleep. I was just really having terrible headaches and a bad cold. Baby boy got confused. He was probably looking for the same people at home but didn't see them. Instead, he saw new people in a new home. He wasn't so fond of his daddy either. He kept crying for 2 - 4 days. But after awhile he felt a bit more secure and now he's much better.

Anyway, here's to more changes, more adapting, more fun. And maybe a little more quiet too.

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