Believe in dreams

I never dreamed big. I used to think that I would get knocked up at 18 by a drug-addict boyfriend and drop out of college. I thought that I won't ever have the opportunity to be successful. In my wildest dreams, I never would have thought that I'd meet such an amazing man, who's just the perfect kind of crazy and sweet. Its true what they say that when God writes your love story, it's perfect.

I met my husband back in high school. We were sort-of-friends back then. He saved my volleyball from bullies. He was sort of my hero back then, and he kinda still is now. I remember a moment when I had my very first heartbreak. He was there for me. He said, "that's okay, there might be someone else better for you.. that's why." I had a crush on him back then but I never told him. After high school we moved to different countries and lost touch. Years later, we found ourselves attracted to each other over the internet. We'd talk every single day. We decided that we should try to be in a relationship and see if that works. To cut the long story short - a few years later, we got married.

I know our love story sounds a bit too perfect but we've had our downside. We've had moments when we want to give up. We've had our own version of broken. We've had our dramas. But with him, I'm complete. He knows me so well and accepts me for who I really am. And I know that he is the man that would do anything for me. I now forgot what heartache was. I no longer know what it feels to get my heart broken. Now I can believe in dreams. I didn't know my worth until I met him. He treated me like a queen when I felt ugly. He knows just how precious I am. He is my dream now.

This dream I talk about revolves around this love that I speak of. There is a house - a beautiful, messy but cozy house with lots of crafts and colors. There are 2 children - both of which loves to join me on my little DIY projects. The children would learn from me and my husband's example. There is my husband who would get sweeter by the year. And I would be doing my best to get a blog running, to get my crafts published, to be a web-designer, to be the best housewife and an awesome mother - all the while trying to keep a house spotless. This house would be filled with laughter and lots of food. I want to learn more as the years keep going. I want to regret nothing and age with grace. This is my dream now. 10 year from now, I hope I find myself here.

"Believe in dreams and let the passion of your hearts make them real." - Lacey Mosley

I believe in dreams. I believe in miracles. I believe in what I can't see. I believe that someday I'll wake up and remember once upon a time, I dreamed of this.

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