An Amazing Spiderman Birthday Party

This year, I had the privilege to host an Amazing Spiderman birthday party. I was only in charge of a few little things here and there. But I am still so honoured that someone would ask for what little skill I had to help them put all this together. I do not have a major in events coordinating or bachelor in arts, but I do have the passion to help. I love making ideas come to life.

I used a blue tablecloth from party city to make our photo booth background. I had some thick black and yellow card stock paper to make the buildings. Mind you that we only used our camera for the Photo Booth. The photo booth props are made by me. It was really easy to make, even with what little photoshop skills I had.

Aside from the photo booth, I was also in charge of the games. We had 3 games in total. The first game was the "Web Crawler". We stuck a few crepe paper to the walls in this little hallway. The kids had to crawl their way through to get to some golden coins. We had a red bucket in the end filled with golden coins. The coins that they dropped, however, were not counted with their total coins. 

We found these tiny spiderman discs from party city. We printed out some bad guys on card stock paper and created a stand for them. They had to attack the villains using these "spiderwebs". We named the game "Attack the Villains". Not that original, but the birthday boy had a blast.

And lastly, we had the "Spidey Sense". It was a made up box that had brown paper bags behind each hole. We put goodies in these bags and they had to use their spider sense to find out what's inside. We covered the holes with crepe paper. They were filled with goodies, but some were twice as much or as little than the others. They just had to use their spidey sense.

I printed out some comic book pages on a regular A4 size sheet, just to cover up the sides of this made-up box. It added a nice touch to this DIY. 

And of course, we just had to have a PiƱata. We got it from Party City as well. I overheard one kid during cake-time and he said "this is the best party ever!" I was all smiles that day. I was so happy to see the kids having so much fun. And best of all, the parents were saved from all the stress of preparing and hosting this birthday bash. 

Wouldn't you like to be stressed-free on the day of your little one's birthday? Ask me for more info on  how to put together your little one's birthday bash without all the fuss.

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